Friends with Guns, a world premiere written by Stephanie Allison Walker and directed by Randee Trabitz ran 8 weeks at the Road Theatre on Magnolia through May 2019. Emily played Shannon, a high anxiety mom, searching for her voice and power unbeknownst to herself.

“...remarkable new play... a savage feminist parable.”
— LA Times, Critic's Choice

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Showpony, the world premiere comedy written by Judith Leora and directed by Tom Ormeny ran 12 weeks at the Victory Theatre in Burbank through December 2018. Emily played a drug-dependent, frustrated woman with no filter, zero attempt to be politically incorrect and no need to apologize for her feelings.

“The beautifully realized characters are workplace warriors who keep us entertained –and moved—as they struggle to win a rigged game. Leora’s new work…is rollicking entertainment that addresses the political climate from a fiercely feminist perspective.”
— LA Times, Critic's Choice

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Wicked Pagan Gays, the world premiere comedy written by Jeff Dinnell and directed by Kiff Scholl ran 6 weeks through March 2018 at the Zephyr Theater in West Hollywood.

Jerez is equally energetic as the over-the-top Jillian Stark, a delicious parody of the self-promoting Hollywood hack whose perfect exterior hides an abyss full of personal demons.
— LA Blade

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The Rainbow Bridge, the world premiere dark comedy written by Ron Nelson and directed by Michael Myers, ran 8 weeks through September 2017 at the Ruskin Group Theater in Santa Monica.

Emily Jerez’ totally vulnerable, concerned and supportive as Jerry’s wife Karen. His unexplained split personalities worry her to no end.
— Broadway World